Monday, November 10, 2008

An Empress in Waiting?

An unintentional (and cute) approximation of the saluto romano.

Here are two libertarian views on the prospects of Gov. Sarah Palin:

Vox Day regards her as a populist conservative at odds with the Republican Party's elitist, crypto-Left leadership:

We can expect...that the size and scope of government will increase even faster under Obama than it did under George W. Bush. This will significantly worsen what is already a dire economic situation, especially since the neo-Keynesian economic theory to which Obama's economics advisers and the Federal Reserve both subscribe justify increased government spending to extricate the economy from depression. However, these interventionist policies are certain to exacerbate the crisis and will probably threaten the charismatic president-elect's popularity with the electorate before the next election.

Because Sarah Palin is not only a conservative, but a Western populist, she is far less amenable to control by the New York-Washington axis of bureaucratic insiders, media commentators and think-tank grandees that dominate the Republican Party elite. McCain's advisers discovered this late in the campaign, when they complained that she was going rogue and attacking the Democratic candidate instead of quietly and dutifully following Sen. McCain into genteel defeat. This independence, combined with her huge popularity among the conservative base, means that the Republican East Coast elite knows it has to destroy her now, before she becomes the obvious alternative to a second Obama term.

Ryan McMaken sees her as an authoritarian who faithfully and accurately represents a flag-waving, freedom-hating constituency:

Palin will become the leader of the American right-wing. Unless she has a major change of heart, Palin will stand for war, nationalism, the religious right, domestic spying, and massive government of every kind. Her followers will worshipfully follow her anywhere because they see her as the annointed middle-American savior who will lead the GOP to victory against the hordes of urban non-whites, immigrants, Ivory Tower America-haters, and atheists.

She will be re-elected in 2010 as governor, and in 2012 will emerge as the front runner from the right-wing of the party.

Palin will fully employ her country-girl schtick and will rely on active support from evangelicals, rural Republicans, and pro-war factions of the party.

In short, it will resemble the primary of 2000 when George Bush emerged using a country-boy schtick and seized control of the right wing of the party.

In many ways Palin is just George W. Bush without the blue blood, and she will build a very similar coalition. Like Bush she will have lots of clever slogans like Compassionate Conservatism, but virtually nothing will be heard about actually reducing the size of government except as a mantra to discredit "tax and spend liberals." Like Bush, she will choose a Cheney-like running mate to provide "gravitas."


Bill Anderson advises McMaken not to worry about any future Palin victory:

Obama says that one of his first executive orders will be to declare carbon dioxide to be a "dangerous pollutant," which means all people are "dangerous polluters." Sooner or later, this government will force all of us to purchase "carbon credits" or face criminal consequences for polluting the earth with our exhaling.

The Obama campaign sought to have criminal charges filed against people who they claimed ran "false" television advertisements" against him. Congress plans to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and I am sure that there will be other sanctions, criminal and otherwise, against dissenters.

Perhaps the Obama State will recall troops fighting abroad, and I hope that is the case. However, people with this kind of Grand Vision are not going to be satisfied if just Americans are doing their part to stop the supposed march to disaster through Global Warming. If the Chinese and others refuse to stop building those Satanic coal-burning electric generation stations, then I would not be surprised to see a "Green" retaliation against such environmental miscreants.

No, by the time this upcoming hard-left government is through with us, Sarah Palin will not be a threat. In fact, whatever it was that she was espousing will look pretty good compared to what we are about to have imposed upon us. But, don't fear; there will be no U.S. Government led by Sarah Palin.

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