Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gotta Have Faith

The President of the Dallas Fed, inspired by Keynes, Greenspan, and possibly even George Michael, guides us in the ways of a new religion. When asked by Norman Horn how he expected inflationary bailouts of failing enterprises to restore prosperity, when this same policy always produces the opposite result, the Fedmeister replied:

You just gotta have faith - faith in the Federal Reserve, faith in Congress that they will make the right decision, and faith in the executive, whoever is elected, that he will make the right decision.

Well, I guess it would be nice.

Click here to read Norman's blog. However, the above quote is taken from a post by NH in the Yahoo Group Christian Libertarians.

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  1. Sweet, I have been quoted! Or rather, I have been quoted as quoting somebody else? Hmm... BTW, the President of the Dallas Fed's name is Richard Fisher.