Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Insane Logic of Collectivism

Quote from a comment by "Anonymous" in ClubOrlov:

I spent 2 years living in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea....One of the best defenses against being robbed is to have nothing worth stealing. Either you have to have to share everything you have with your community (wontoks) or they will steal it from you. Either way you live in poverty no matter how much you earn.

There is a strong ethic in Papua New Guinea that no one in community lives a much higher lifestyle than anyone else in that community. There are villages of 400-500 people where only 4 or 5 people have any cash income which must be shared with the entire community.

Imagine having to support 100 other people with your income. In PNG, living in poverty protects you from being attacked and robbed.

To be fair, this fellow doesn't exactly endorse the barbarism he describes. But the idea that surrendering to universal, communal robbery "protects" you from crime is positively demented. It's analogous to claiming that a woman who submits to the sexual advances of every man in the village is "protecting" herself from rape!

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