Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Could Be Worse

Spam production is booming. So are sales of cheap "filler" foods like rice, beans, and macaroni and cheese. As Americans' credit cards max out and their homes go into foreclosure, the people are falling back on a "hard times" diet to keep their families fed.

Let us thank God we have this option! A nation more thoroughly plundered by its elites, or less blessed with good farm land, would be in worse shape by now.

As a post-World War II refugee, my mother survived on American canned spam. She has never praised its flavor, but she's never mocked it either.


  1. And I am one of those flakes who actually likes the pink bricks from Hormel.

  2. The missus and I developed a taste for canned corned beef hash when we were stocking up for Y2K. I suppose the flavor isn't very different.