Saturday, November 8, 2008

Spiritual Warfare and Victory Over the Empire

"I will build my church..."
A young woman being baptized in India.

Ed Hurst's introductory essay on the proper business of Christians in this world reminds us of our eternal calling. We ought not to serve the Empire, and we need not fear it:

If you depart from the Kingdom of Darkness, you are war with it. That Kindom owns all the governments of mankind. Saying they are granted by God must remain in the proper context, as with all biblical principles. Remember the Covenant of Noah: It has nothing to do with spiritual salvation, but only a matter of sinners keeping other sinners in check. Here we go again: Sinners by definition sin. While some actions may bring benign results, as they stand before God, nothing they do is righteous. No action can be called "good" by the Kingdom standard because they stand outside the Kingdom. You are either in or out. When you come to Christ, you are rejecting the world and its ways.

Christians by definition are rebels. Everything Christ commanded puts us at odds with human government.

It doesn't have to be an armed revolt, but it is certainly a conscious rejection of all this world holds dear. We have with Christ nailed this life to the Cross. Everything we could have gained before coming to the Cross is now on the altar. All our worldly wealth, all our actions and plans, all our hopes and dreams in this life are forfeit to the Kingdom of Heaven. We gladly suffer poverty, misery, even death, because in Christ, they are all mere circumstances of service. Do you not know court judges in our land have condemned that openly? There is legal precedent for calling a sincere Christian conscience "insanity" in need of remediation. If you have a genuine other-worldly, spiritual mindset, you are in violation of American cultural and civil standards. Why do we suffer such great spiritual weakness in our land? We have found too many ways to compromise with the demands of our government, and not been willing to resist sin until our blood was shed.


  1. Robin,
    Concerning your comment on Grigg's blog, I also share your aversion to superficial homilies. I invite you to explore our apologetics and Christian theology webpage, the Institute of Biblical Defense at I assure you there's no anti-intellectual content there. You're a thinking Christian, so you won't agree with everything, but take a gander. Maybe you can find something useful. God bless.
    (I am a paleo-libertarian too.)
    -R. Wiesinger