Friday, November 7, 2008

We have a new emperor.

(Art by Bruce Pennington)

George W. Bush and his followers have gone the way of Crassus, the Republican Party figuratively dying on the sands of Mesopotamia as a result of their crazed insistence on continuing an unjust and unpopular war. Over four thousand American soldiers have literally died in Iraq for the benefit of politicians and contractors, and for the amusement of civilians who enjoy putting little, yellow, ribbon-shaped magnets on their cars. To call this a waste, or even a crime, is to speak too lightly of a national catastrophe. At home the war has effectively destroyed the conservative movement as a coherent force for liberty and law, by elevating and intensifying the Right's militaristic urges while submerging its already feeble libertarian instincts. With few exceptions, conservatives cheered as Bush created a police state. That fearsome instrument of repression will very soon fall into the hands of the liberal Democrats.

In Barack Hussein Obama (let's pretend the H on the dark eagle's breast signifies his middle name), we have an emperor who portends to be an enthusiastic socialist, a ruler who will escalate the State's domestic war against the liberty and property of the American people. Democrats in the House are already discussing government confiscation of personal retirement accounts.

Will Grigg fears that Obama will be worse than Bush:

Obama campaigned as an unabashed European-style socialist and, if he is given the means, will rule like a post-colonial African dictator. I say the latter not because of Obama's attenuated African ancestry, but rather because of his preferred style of mobilizing public support -- the grotesque Leni Riefenstahl-meets-Tony Robbins public spectacles that portend the advent of an Americanized version of Africa's "Big Man" theory of government .

Given Obama's youth, the bottomless devotion of his followers, the depth of our impending economic disaster, the eagerness of the mass media to help the Holy One "make history," the well-earned political disintegration of the Republican Party, and the totalitarian powers of the office Obama inherits, he may very well become America's second president-for-life, following the course set by FDR before he died....


KT writes to SurvivalBlog to report panic buying of battle rifle ammo and magazines at a Washington state gun show:

As a friend and I pulled onto Highway 2 from 9 heading to the Monroe [, Washington] fairgrounds we hit a terrible traffic stoppage. It took 35 minutes to travel the last six miles. Every east bound car was pulling into the fairgrounds--all of them. We get there and my friend who is not a club member has to wait to pay to get in the gun show. It was a 45 minute wait line to get in. The membership enrollment section was bang up packed.

I fought my way to the ammo department for X's AK ammo. It was all gone except for some soft point. I called him to see if he wanted some and when I went in to get it.But it had already sold. When I left the show, all battle rifle ammo was gone. It sold out in one hour.

I did not see many sporting rifles for sale for the first time in a long time.[ The dealers brought] nearly all battle rifles and semi-auto assault style rifles.

Magazine prices have already climbed by about 7 bucks per magazine with the average price now around 25 bucks. They were $13.50 each in June of this year.

There was a general air of urgency. You could feel it and it was hard to resist. It was soon evident that all the important stuff was going to be off the shelves and into closets around the county. I suspect it will be more then a month before factories can make up what has been sold around the nation in the last few days.

Even though magazines and ammunition was off the shelves and at inflated prices the rifles themselves. They were not marked up at all. I was happy to see that..

My friend C. bought an original late 1700s flintlock from middle eastern origin. Looked like it was on a camel's back many times... It had an integral folding bayonet the length of a short sword. I told him the ATF would be grinding that bayonet off next year because it makes the old musket an assault rifle and the weird curving stock could be mistaken as a pistol grip --another evil feature that will call for men in black coming in the windows and doors next winter. He looked a bit like he was having a stroke and I remembered I should not speak to men in there 80s in so a casual and dry mouthed way. Think so? he asked.
I said let's hope I really am joking and he sincerely agreed. So did the 20 guys who stopped to listen to the quick exchange and admiration of the ancient piece of machinery.

It was still a good day even though I bought almost nothing because everything I wanted was gone.

I don't know what to make of this, beyond the obvious fact that gun owners understand the Democrat lust for gun control, and are wisely stocking up while they can.

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