Friday, February 27, 2009

Dangerous jobs in the Depression...

Include the "repo man" line of work:

"Violence between repossession men, car owners on the rise"

Bill collectors, tax collectors and police officers issuing traffic tickets will encounter similar desperate resistance, as more and more Americans decide they cannot afford to permit confiscation of goods and money.


  1. Looks like it's time to start renegotiating the loans to prevent such idiocy. IMHO, the repo man had no particular right to defend himself invading someone else's property. There are much better ways to handle such things.

  2. Sorry Broken but that's stupid. The second someone fails to make payment... That car is NOT his property. it is the property of the lender. And the lender hires the repo man to repossess their property. If you don't make your payment, your car WILL be repossessed and it's your own damn fault! Besides, not making payment screws everything up for the people who ARE RESPONSIBLE and make their payments.

  3. Now that the original article has expired, it's not possible to go back and review it. But I recall that the repo man came onto the debtor's residential property. If so, then THAT is the invasion Broken refers to, not the repossession of the chattel property owned by the lender.