Monday, February 16, 2009

An entire neighborhood gone

A local Fox affiliate in Detroit ran this piece on a neighborhood that has been abandoned by everyone except a lone, frightened woman:

This isn't just about empty houses. It's a real life, honest to goodness I Am Legend situation, with the ghouls assaulting a solitary, fortified dwelling which has bars on the inside as well as outside of the windows. The woman still has telephone service, but when she calls 911 the police don't come. She's trying to get out, to move into some sort of government provided senior housing. But before then it's quite possible she'll be slaughtered in this wasteland that was once a prosperous suburb of a proud industrial American city.

This story should be of particular interest to any "shelter in place" urban survivalist who underestimates the importance of community. You do not want to live the Robert Neville lifestyle, with its nights of terror and days of loneliness. If all of your neighbors are pulling out, if you see your community becoming a dead zone, do your best to relocate to a viable economy, or at least to a group of like-minded people who are willing to help each other.


  1. How right you are. Community is a human instinct for a very good reason -- God knew we'd never make it alone.

  2. I think we just found a place for the prisoners after Gitmo is closed.

    Seriously, this is a sad, sad situation.--Tim