Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barbarian invasions

One of the curses that comes with reading Gibbon is the propensity to see parallels between your country's misfortunes and those of declining Rome. So when I read this article on Survivalblog.com about Mexican drug cartels terrorizing and kidnapping people in Phoenix and other points north of the border, I recalled the grim record of Germanic and Scythian savages crossing the Rhine and Danube frontiers. Those raiders often took captives, which they released, if at all, upon payment of hefty ransoms.

The article takes pains to mention the greater efficiency and motivation of American police forces, and the fact that the cartels target Latino immigrants, not Americans. But if Mexico disintegrates, we will have an enormous barbarian realm right next door, generating further hordes of inundating invaders or at least making life in the Southwest more dangerous than it's been since the frontier days.

I won't be surprised to see a revival of the so-called Militia Movement in reaction to this. Organized criminals respect only organized, disciplined opponents. Americans have not been disarmed, and there are plenty of combat vets in the population to show a fledgling neighborhood defense force the proverbial ropes.


The Mexican cartels are very busy in my city, per this article in the Houston Chronicle. Here again, we read that the kidnappings and assassinations are Latino-on-Latino crimes, but the targeting of relatives means potential danger for whites who've married into Mexican families. In the article's comments section, some readers have the good sense to demand ending the insane open borders policy or the War on Drugs. The Federal Government will do neither, as illegal alien crime and the police state repression comprise the thesis and antithesis of its dialectical power strategy. The big shots love to keep the proles in turmoil, at least until the turmoil gets out of hand.


  1. Are you acquainted with William S. Lind's notion of "Fourth Generation Warfare"?

    Latino gangs are Fourth Generation warriors, and they are already fighting. The USA is simply run by elites who want Latina nannies and Latino lawnboys more than they want a functioning country -- so the USA does not fight back.

    For more Lind, see d-n-i.net

  2. Agreed. I've been reading Lind's essays on Lewrockwell.com. He wrote one column about his speech to the CFR about 4GW. The audience was clueless. "Who would question our legitimacy?" asked one grandee. Lind replied, "How about East L.A. gang members and unemployed steel workers?"

  3. Not mention a good number of ordinary citizens would question their legitimacy.