Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Farm Animals Returning to the Cities (Part 2)

The city of Cleveland, OH now permits urban residents to keep farm animals and bees:

Cleveland's City Council on Monday approved two measures aimed at reshaping the city's urban landscape.

One ordinance will allow residents to raise and keep farm animals and bees. It's a step, proponents believe, toward finding innovative uses for vacant land.

Predictably, the city government hedges this privilege* with restrictions (e.g., no geese or turkeys), but I'm confident these will be flouted as the Depression deepens. Local governments can be as greedy and imperious as the big boys on the Potomac, but they are much more accessible to citizens and therefore more amenable to persuasion. If nothing else, local officials are quick to realize that they will be held accountable for any high-handed interference in the survival efforts of their neighbors.

Thank God, the city council didn't wait until fall or winter to lift these restrictions!

* It is, of course, a right, but from the State's point of view it is a privilege.

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