Friday, March 6, 2009

Let's see if this prediction comes true.

Civil unrest in America's cities before the end of 2009, too widespread and severe for police and National Guard forces to control. I'd love to believe The Market Ticker is offering a wildly pessimistic forecast, but 30% unemployment and a total collapse of the banking system are no longer implausible.

My wife just landed a good-paying job (praise the Lord), so as long as things hold together we'll be able to store up some more food and supplies.

The other day, a neighbor down the street saw me struggling to prune my oak trees with a small hand saw. He generously lent me his electric, pole mounted chainsaw. The neighbor directly across from us let me borrow another power tool, for cutting up the smaller branches. This spirit of cooperation and friendliness is something to cultivate. We might all need to rely on each other to get through what's coming.

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