Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smiling sweetly as she kicks them in the crotch!

The leftist culture warriors overplayed their hand in going after Miss California, Carrie Prejean. Yes, she offered flawed moral and philosophical justifications for opposing the travesty of "gay marriage" (e.g., a bandwagon appeal to presidential authority* and the ritual invocation of the US military as the supposed source of human rights). Sure, her appeal for tolerance to the nihilists who tried to smear her was painfully naive. But there's no doubt she crushed some progressive huevos with this morning's press conference.

Would-be liberal opinion molders still pretend to control the public discourse, and imagine they have the power to bury under an avalanche of abuse anyone who questions their propaganda. That was true before talk radio and the Internet. Now an entire generation has grown up with alternatives to the Old Media orthodoxy. Moreover, us non-lefties who came of age under OM's sanctimonious lying and bullying are well and truly sick of it, and more than willing to push back when shoved.

On top of their strategic idiocy, the PC types displayed hilarious tactical ineptitude: they tried to humiliate a drop-dead gorgeous, young, Christian woman who was demonstrably unafraid to speak her mind, and who could count on automatic sympathy from hordes of normal folks who've been similarly ridiculed by their self-proclaimed betters.

* Then again, invoking Obama as a symbol of opposition to the radical gay agenda could be seen as a stroke of brilliance. A bit like Paul turning his Pharisee and Sadducee accusers against each other in Acts 23.

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