Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stealing Everything in Sight

Now the Regime is robbing online gamblers of their winnings:

Late last week, the federal government ordered five banks to freeze a total of $30 million in payments owed to the players from companies that process payments from two offshore gambling sites, according to the Poker Players Alliance, a group that represents the interests of the companies and players.

Well, who in America cares that gamblers were pillaged? Not the Left, which lusts after any privately held money. In their opinion, earnings are better fed into the consuming fires of the Moloch in Washington. Not the culture-warring Right, which loves to stick it to politically incorrect speculators (i.e., those who don't gamble in stocks or, until recently, real estate). In their opinion, moral reformation, like Mao's power, flows from the barrel of a gun. Only a minority, the gamblers themselves and people holding a libertarian view of their property rights, recognize that yet another crime has been committed in the name of "government".

The method of this official crime, preventing electronic access by the owners so that their money can be stolen with impunity, will become disgustingly familiar to group after targeted group of Americans. Broken writes that the rampant lawlessness of the Regime is evidence of saturating demonic influence. I see no reason to dismiss his conclusion. At the very least, I get the impression that the ruling elites believe the USA is heading for a crash, and therefore they are methodically stealing as much as they can before political disintegration makes further large scale looting impossible.

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