Thursday, July 16, 2009

Can Triffids Be Far Behind?

Robot Technology, Inc. is developing a semi-autonomous battlefield machine for the U.S. military. The robot will fuel itself by harvesting organic matter including, potentially, human corpses.

Admittedly the three EATRs depicted in the company promotional artwork don't seem impressive. A well-handled sniper rifle might give these robots plenty of trouble, to say nothing of RPGs. Yet they, and the aerial drone in the picture, vaguely resemble the fearsome fictional weapons of Skynet in the Terminator films. I'm also reminded of Triffids, the bio-engineered, mobile, carnivorous plants from the John Wyndham novel.

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  1. I suppose I'm thinking this is more the first few steps toward the battle scenes in a Star Wars episode, with racks of robot warriors discharged and activated en masse.