Saturday, July 25, 2009

Miracles in the Dark Years

Markku Koponen, a Finn and one of the wisest members of the Vox Popoli commentariat, remarks on the prospect of savage government oppression combined with crushing, universal poverty:

On the other hand, don't you think it is odd that we see all these extravagant miracles in the Bible, at all times in history, yet in our personal sphere of influence they seem to be lacking? (I know what the atheist will offer as explanation, and will ignore it).

Could it be that we happen to have lived in almost the only time in history that has largely been without the danger of unimaginable horrors, so we haven't needed them? But that might be about to change. We might just turn out to be the generation with the largest number of miracles per unit time.

(Markku posted this on Vox's blog on 7/25/09 at 10:14 AM)

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  1. I came to the same conclusion independently a couple of weeks ago. I would word it differently, but I agree with Markku's speculation. I don't think it's because we lack horrors which call for miracles, but because of the massively successful coverup of truth, keeping us from understanding how we got in this mess, and how we might get out of it.