Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Insanity Factory

This morning I saw the following Yahoo News headline: "Healthcare Foes Compete to Frame Kennedy's Legacy". The choice of terms represents not just the dishonesty of the government and its press flacks, but their insistence on distorting the meaning of words to the point where they bear no relation to the things they purport to describe.

Healthcare, in government Newspeak, means state takeover of the medical profession. It's a piece of mendacity on par with defining law as the strong-arming of Americans by unaccountable police and bureaucrats. Yet proponents of socialized medicine, both the deceivers and the deceived, will yammer unashamedly that "we must have healthcare," oblivious to the asinine implication that the practice of medicine does not yet even exist in the United States. Of course, that is the intended effect of the buzzword: to convince people on a sub-rational, purely emotional level that the only alternative to socialized healthcare is no healthcare at all.

I'm reminded of Broken's observation: "An expression or word can be shifted within the pool of meaning to turn things on their heads." U.S. government and corporate propaganda is a kind of manufactured insanity, and people whose minds are shaped by it become virtual idiots.

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