Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Reality of Nationalized Medicine

Ilana Mercer recalls how Canadian socialized medicine nearly killed her daughter:

A cursory investigation into why Nicky coded that night was conducted. The findings were, conveniently, inconclusive. The custodians of Canada care had tried to convince me that my daughter had reacted to a compound in the chemical cocktail that was the anesthetic.

A decade on, the same precious person required wisdom teeth extraction, this time in the United States. She had forgotten how close she had once come to dying, but the thought of another such procedure terrified her mother. Nicky's American oral and maxillofacial surgeon, however, had no qualms whatsoever about putting her under in his well-appointed rooms. (Yes, we paid him ourselves: ever heard of saving for a procedure instead of going on holiday?) For after hearing all the facts of the case, he was in a position to explain what had happened ten years back.

It took a free American practitioner, in private practice, to deconstruct for me what had transpired on that fateful day.

The subpar care Nicky had received entailed the ongoing administration of morphine. Morphine, especially in a young child, depresses the respiratory system. Administered following hours on a powerful opiate, the general anesthetic acted cumulatively to stop her breathing.

This nearly lethal malpractice was the natural outcome of an inhuman system that forces doctors and patients into a giant bureaucracy, where the individual counts for nothing.

Assuming Obama and his minions force this abomination on us, I expect to see the rise of an extensive black market in medical services, run by moonlighting doctors taking payments in cash. And we'll be glad for it, once we've had a good dose of the socialist stuff.

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