Saturday, November 28, 2009

Obama's Role Defined

Michael Rozeff identifies President Obama's function in our moribund, imperial order:

Obama is the establishment's attempt to put a new face on its old, tired, and worn out nostrums. Fewer and fewer people are buying, but the compulsion machine just keeps on centralizing the money flows. It knows no better. Top-down government centralization doesn't work, but the machine keeps running. Obama's cachet is evaporating after less than one year. He's now under 50 percent approval.

My family is mostly Democrat in affiliation or sympathy. They greeted the new emperor with hosannas when he won the election. Now they don't even speak his name. Conversation among old folks at the Thanksgiving dinner table lingered on two assertions: (1) No matter what they do to the rest of us, congressmen will get enormous perks and the best available medical care, all at our expense; (2) Israel is sucking up enormous amounts of our tax dollars, which it uses to fund a police state where Arabs are at best second-class citizens.

Granted, this is a tiny sampling of Baby Boomer opinion on just two topics. But it suggests a gradual awakening among people who used to support the welfare/warfare state without question. They still fear freedom. They still want the dole. They're probably down with bombing folks in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the same time, they can no longer ignore the overwhelming incompetence and corruption of the Federal Government.

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  1. Several stories recently point out Obama's first job after college was in a CIA front company. Given known history of such things, it would indicate he is entirely their creature.