Thursday, December 31, 2009

No Limits to Government Depravity

To the lengthening list of government crimes and vices in Police State America, we can now add voyeurism. For air travelers, submitting to this degradation will become mandatory as whole-body imaging scanners are installed in airports across the country. The next logical step is clearly hinted at in this pro-scanner NBC article:

The scanners are able to detect weapons and explosives in places security screeners are not allowed to touch in physical pat-down searches, such as the groin area and even body cavities where items could be concealed.

So, when our rulers eventually permit or instigate the next underwear bomber stunt, wherein the "terrorist" manages to smuggle his nefarious device on board the aircraft despite being voyeur-scanned, they will use it as a pretext to implement selective, literal strip searches, with TSA finger probing of anuses and vaginas.

Even if the TSA's appetite for domination and free porn is satiated by the scanners, the practice will effectively deny commercial air travel to anyone having moral or religious scruples about it. One can discern Satan's subtle hand in this: No need to revoke the passports of American Christians bound for the overseas mission fields. Just give them the option of submitting to perversion or staying in the Homeland. The Enemy used the same indirect strategy against the Word: No need to ban the Bible. Just turn the general population into illiterates via government schools.

I'm beginning to realize that we Americans are being hemmed in, gradually sealed off from the rest of the world, as air travel becomes an ever more restricted privilege.

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  1. You nailed it on the head Mr. Kalhorn. Great Article. I recently had to "educate" my dad on why this would be a bad thing. Happy New Year!