Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thoughts at the End of 2009

It's been a blessed year for my wife and me. The Lord has guided us to a nearby house church, where, in addition to prayer, fellowship, and study of the Word, we can speak frankly about subjects that most churches gloss over with empty platitudes or regurgitated government propaganda. At present there are only five members. Please pray that God will show us how to serve Him by reaching out to others.

On the material side of things, we're both healthy and we have satisfactory jobs with good pay. For now at least, we are not experiencing the worry and sorrow of so many others who are being dragged down financially by the collapsing Ponzi scheme economy of government and private debt.

My sister-in-law will be deploying to Iraq in two months. She's a newly minted Army captain, serving as a physician's assistant. The extent to which the resistance controls the country, despite more than six years of U.S. military occupation, can be guessed by the advice she and her fellow recruits were given during training: once in the "Sandbox", stay on the FOB for the entirety of your tour. Sister-in-law joined the Army for several reasons, none of them sentimental or ideological. Among the chief motivators was the constant risk of being fined or jailed under the tyrannical regulations that bedevil private medicine in America. She'd had all she could stand of it. As much as I despise the empire and its trampling of Iraq, and as bad a choice as I believe it was for her to enlist in the legions, I feel a measure of empathy. If you had to risk either slavery in the U.S. prison system or becoming a casualty of war, mightn't you be tempted to consider the latter hazard preferable? At least in the second case, you're permitted to shoot back.

I'm gratified that the Global Warming hoax has finally been exposed.

Regardless of the planet's temperatures, I plan to bring still more of our backyard under cultivation next year, setting up trellises to train vines upward wherever possible. This will yield more produce per square foot. Eventually I'd like to tear out the entire back lawn but, with the torrential rains we get in Texas, I can't afford to be hasty. If I mess up the drainage pattern badly enough, we'll have standing water and maybe even a bit of house flooding. 2010 will be the first season I'll raise plants mostly from heirloom seeds. I'll be trying huckleberries, and my wife and I look forward to making jam with them.

Next year I will put up a greater number of posts on practical things relating to gardening and preparedness for hard times.


  1. Only a fool would say military service is utterly without merit. The real world is often a mixture of such things, such that we are often truly forced to choose the lesser of evils. I pray she maintain the certainty it's what God wants for her; otherwise, her sanity may evaporate.

  2. That is why I've never argued with her on the subject, but provided only a curious and sympathetic ear. And as I've told my wife, her sister's military experience and contacts might well equip her to thrive in a post-collapse America. I just pray the government doesn't "stop loss" her into long term military slavery, or abandon her and her comrades in Iraq, the way it did some of the POWs in Vietnam.