Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Vote "Wasted" in Good Conscience

Yesterday my wife and I voted for gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina in the Texas Republican primary. She obtained 19% of the vote, not bad for a first-time run at public office.

The Dallas Morning News published the following 50 facts on Medina:

1. Debra Medina is a staunch supporter of gun rights and keeps a Springfield 9 mm gun in a case in her car.

2. She is a registered nurse.

3. She originally wanted to be a doctor, but switched to nursing after a tough physics course.

4. She started a medical billing company, Prudentia Inc., in 2002.

5. Her husband, Noe, is one her employees.

6. Her biggest campaign theme is the idea that states can ignore federal laws they deem unconstitutional.

7. Her comments about secession might make Gov. Rick Perry blush. At one rally she said: “We are aware that stepping off into secession may in fact be a bloody war. We understand that the tree of freedom is occasionally watered with the blood tyrants and patriots.” Medina says she doesn’t support secession, though.

8. She was born June 1, 1962, on a farm near Beeville, Texas.

9. Her full name is Debra Carolyn Parker Medina.

10. She has three siblings.

11. Growing up, she helped her family raise chickens and dairy cows. They also ran beef cattle.

12. Her family raised or grew almost all of their food.

13. She played tenor sax in her high school band.

14. She didn’t play sports in high school, but she got plenty of exercise breaking in horses after school.

15. Her dad worked at the telephone company, and her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

16. She has been estranged from her parents ever since they disproved of her marriage to Noe Medina, who is Mexican-American, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

17. She was president of her high school’s Future Farmers of American parliamentary procedures team.

18. Medina’s performance in the first televised GOP debate caused her to surge in the polls.

19. It caught the attention of her opponents, too. Soon after the debate, a reporter asked Gov. Rick Perry about his opponent’s criticism and he asked, “Now, which opponent are you talking about?”

20. She wants a complete audit of the Texas Transportation Department.

21. She met Noe Medina the year she graduated from high school. They married two years later, in 1982.

22. She and her husband have two grown children — Jacob Medina, 20, a student at Texas A&M, and Janise Cookston, 25, an interior designer in Houston.

23. She home-schooled her children.

24. She says her proudest moments are the successes of her children.

25. Medina’s favorite vacation was a skiing trip to Silver Creek, Colo.

26. She has degrees from Bee County Junior College (now Coastal Bend College); Southwest Baptist Hospital School of Nursing in San Antonio; and LeTourneau University.

27. She has watched almost no television in the last six years.

28. Her family’s favorite movie is The Man From Snowy River.

29. She considers her stance against abortion one of her most important personal beliefs.

30. She was raised Catholic, but now attends Williams Trace Baptist Church in Sugar Land.

31. She became interested in politics after being shocked that deacons from one of her past churches helped defeat an anti-abortion resolution at a Republican county convention.

32. She became Wharton County GOP chairwoman in 2004. She lost her bid for state GOP vice chairwoman in 2008.

33. She voted for George W. Bush for president in 2004, but not Republican nominee John McCain in 2008.

34. She was a high-level volunteer for Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential campaign.

35. She describes her relationship with Paul as “good,” but frames it more as the typical interaction a constituent might have with a congressman.

36. She wants to eliminate property taxes and replace them with an expanded sales tax.

37. Her favorite place in Texas is her home in Wharton.

38. Medina said she’s not as limber as she once was getting around her ranch. She said she has had several embarrassing farm mishaps, including having to crawl back to her house one time after falling off a wooden fence.

39. Her favorite activity is a “good meal with family,” and everyone in her family cooks.

40. She loves a ribeye steak.

41. For special occasions, her family goes to Houston to eat at Fogo de Chao or Americas.

42. She has a pair of golden retrievers, Mae and Mason.

43. She is a prolific reader, and she is currently working her way through a compilation of anti-Federalist papers.

44. If she could listen to only one band for the rest of her life, it would be the contemporary Christian group Phillips, Craig and Dean.

45. One of her biggest concerns is stopping illegal immigration. She wants to post the Texas National Guard along the Texas-Mexico border.

46. She created a stir on Glenn Beck’s radio show when she didn’t immediately refute a fringe theory that the Bush administration played a role in the 9/11 attacks. She disavowed the conspiracy later that day.

47. She has never run for a government office.

48. She was emboldened to run for governor after receiving positive feedback from her speech at a November 2008 rally against the Federal Reserve.

49. Her daughter ultimately convinced her to run for governor.

50. Most experts peg her as a long shot to win the Republican primary, but just weeks ago, most thought she had no chance of even forcing a runoff.

Medina has spent a lifetime creating wealth, helping to grow and raise food for the family when she was a child. She has raised a family of her own. She is intellectually curious and eager to learn. She is willing to take unpopular stands and defy the odds. She does not dismiss, out of hand, accusations of government conspiracies against the people. She practices, and avows the individual right to, gun ownership. Above all, she is willing to pronounce even the bitterest truths (see Number 7).

All these are qualities of a model citizen. May her star continue to rise in the freedom movement.

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  1. My wife and I also stood in line for an hour so we could cast our votes for Medina. Now we know, there are 19% of us who are free thinkers, the rest...not so much. Isn't it amazing, If you ask you can't find anyone who will claim to like Rick Perry and yet he garners over 50% of the vote.