Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Snack for Moloch?

I have an acquaintance, a sister in Christ, whose 9 year-old son has been tagged "ADD" by the public schools because he has trouble paying attention in class. The bureaucrats want to dope him. Worse, the boy's father agrees with them. The mother is protecting her son, studying with him at night, encouraging him to apply himself to his school work, and always urging him to put his trust in God. Her love and faith have been rewarded with one notable academic success: the boy scored a 100 on his latest history test. I pray that she continues to stand up for him. According to her, nobody else will. But I fear she is wavering, and that she'll eventually consent to the doping if pressure from the school and her family don't let up.

It's no small measure of America's decadence that parents are willing to drug their own children to ensure their submissiveness towards an evil system.

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