Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pulling Feminism's Claws

Vox Day once defined feminism as the use of state power by women to force men into a position of social inferiority. We should therefore expect feminism to wane as the global depression reduces the funding of Western governments and hence their power. The process is about to begin in Topeka, KS:

Cash-Strapped Topeka May Stop Prosecuting Domestic Violence

To the average reader, that headline probably conjures an image of an innocent wife repeatedly battered by a thuggish husband but unable to summon the police. To anyone who knows the reality of the American legal system, it also suggests that a treacherous wife won't be able to use VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) to maliciously dispossess her husband of his home and children.

Feminism without the threat of state violence is a cat without claws. To use a different metaphor, the collapse of the government spending bubble (defunding the divorce lawyers and "family" courts) will lead inexorably to the implosion of what The Futurist aptly calls the Misandry Bubble.


Not every man is willing to wait until the cat is declawed. Vox Day cites a recent, terrible instance of an ex-husband who decided to overrule the family court judge.

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